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Monday, April 25, 2011

Alumni of the week # 23

Our twenty third "Alumni Of The week" award goes to Ms. Savita Kallyanmath of Cohort I, Who represented her organization and hired 2 fellows from Cohort 5 in Career fair 2011 for "Foundation For Life". We heartily appreciate her contribution and support to the Fellowship Program and we congratulate her for earning this award.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guest Speaker : Mr. Sandeep Hegde

In Deshpande Fellowship Program we had Mr. Sandeep Hegde as Guest Speaker, on 22nd April.It was very interactive for fellows.The session it self stated with questions by sandeep that what they want to know about him? and the question like what made you to choose this business? how was the family support initially? and what were the challenges in your business.? etc. Fellows were very eager to listen his words because he is a Just graduated from his computer engineering, and started his business in software by name "" which is situated in Belguam.

The way he think is very different from other like one question came from fellows by saying what would you do if you have any competitors in market? and his answer was so simple that he told why should i think about my competitors? I will concentrate on what service I am providing and how I can give a better service to my customers. rather than who are my compitators and what they are doing I should think what more better i can do, and it really impressed the fellows.

Once gain we thank Mr. Sandeep Hegde for giving this opportunity for fellows to interact with you and learn something from you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Alumni of the Week #22: Savita Y

Our twenty second “Alumni of the Week” title goes to Savita Y of Cohort-II, who has announced & provided a cash prize to the Most Improved Fellow of Cohort 5 and appreciated the fellows hardwork in the Fellowship. Also for referring some new NGOs for the Career Fair. We appreciate her continuous support to the DFP & also congratulate for earning this Alumni of the Week award.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Village Stay

As all the batch of Deshpande Fellowship Program have gone through the Village stay Module and experienced many thing which thought them some life realities which will help them in taking decision in their future. Same process made Cohort 6 fellows to understand more about village and villagers life. Their response of to the question we asked "How was the village stay"? brought many smiles on face and lights in their eyes. Everyone was eager to share their experience and learnings, It was very easy for them to compare their assumptions and learning, experience. For Fellowship Program it is very proud to listen that this experience going to help them.