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Friday, May 20, 2011

Alumni Of The Week # 25

Our "Twenty fifth Alumni Of The Week" award goes to Ajay Suman, Mr. Chandru lamani, and Sanjeev Kulkarni. Mr. Chandru and Ajay has thought RTI module effectivly to the 6th batch of DFP. Mr. Sanjeev K. came up with a Idea of donating books to the DFP library and took initiative by giving 8 books. We heartly appreciate their contribution and support to the fellowship Program we request you all to join us to congratulate them for earning this award.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Education Module

After the Health Module fellows are on Education Module this is one of the core subject. This module has been edited for this batch and it is very differently designed like Elementary schooling, Right to Education, Quality of schools, How government schools can be improved, case studies and higher education etc. Fellows had undergone for the kali nali program which is a state government plan and how this approach is useful for children. During the module we have 3 people who are serving the education sector in different way.
This interaction really helped fellows to understand the education system as well as current condition of education.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Leadership Activities

Cohort 6 fellows are very much excited about their leadership activities. They are going to implement their ideas and own solutions which involves local community and local resource. Some of the fellows are taking initiative first time in some activity and that will be their first experience. These activity will increase their confidence level, courage and attitude to react to the situation. This attitude will influence their hidden leadership skills, during leadership activity they will get improvements in their communication skill according to the situation they will be capable to handle the things. Program is waiting for their sharing and experience. Program wish them for their leadership activities.

2nd NGO Visit

All the fellows from Cohort 6 went to have the 2nd round of NGO visits. In the fourth month of fellowship after the core module we take them, with the intention of showing them how NGO's can work in social development sector it may be social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. They really had a good exposer to the NGO as all the batch of DFP visit NGO's each batch get different experience then other and even organization presents the present situation so it is visible for us to see how even there is a difference of opinion and thoughts of fellows and NGO's . Here program appreciates all NGO who gave a brief information about the organization even by using some games, Group dynamics. etc.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alumni of the week # 24

Our twenty fourth "Alumni Of The week" award goes to Mr. Karthik Devmane of Cohort IV, Who represented his organization FUEL and was supportive in placement of 4 fellows in FUEL from Cohort 5 during Career fair 2011. We heartily appreciate his contribution and support to the Fellowship Program and we congratulate him for earning this award.

Rural RTI Rally

The DFP Fellows, Cohort 6, have successfully completed their "Rural RTI Rally" on 7th May. Fellows divided themselves in 2 groups and covered 12 villages (Dharwad Villages: Medikoppa, Siddapur, Kallapur, Veerapur, Ramapur and Kalghatgi Villages: Hulaginkatti, Tamarikoppa, Are Basavanakoppa, Muttagi, Hasarambi, Galagi-Hulakoppa, Hullambi ) and reached 500 villagers and were successful in filing 260 RTI applications by the villagers. We appreciate and Congratulate the Fellows for the leadership initiative they have done.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rural RTI Rally

The Deshpande Fellows of Cohort 6, are conducting RTI campaign in 13 villages in Dharwad & Kalghatgi taluk. Fellows are educating people on RTI through street plays, songs, rally and one on one talks and motivating the villagers to file RTI of the problem/issue they are facing in their village. The expected no. of application the fellows are targeting are 150+. Looking forward to hear the experience of fellows and also see the change they can initiate in the villages.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hemal Desai Guest Speaker

Mr. Hemal Desai he is a one of the member of Hubli Champion and also a General Manager in Mayur Hotel, Hubli. which is one among the best hotel of the Hubli. We had him as a Guest Speaker for Cohort 6th batch. It was really a great opportunity for fellows to interact with him. while sharing their learnings from session. fellows focussed on some particular points by which they get impressed, like giving a service to the customer whichever they want, If you are not the person to provide it then connect it to the person who provides it. By this we are going to build the relationship for a long time and they will contact us whenever they want the service which we provide.
He even gave his own example like when he left his previous company the customers even moved with him to the new company where he is working now.
Fellows really liked the way he thinks about connecting himself with people and building strong and long lasting relationship.
We really Thank Mr. Hemal for supporting the fellowship program.