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LA Idea Bank

An integral part of the Fellowship Program are the Leadership Activities conducted by Fellows. These activities get Fellows out of the classroom and allows them to apply their learnings in service to the community. Below is a list of activities that have been conducted previously and can serve as inspiration for future projects.

  • Convince government officials on opening Anganawadi center.
  • Convince women to take reserved seats in governmental buses.
  • Public awareness program about diabetes/swine flu/other disease 
  • Awareness about eye donations to blind people 
  • Health and Hygiene talk with children in hospital 
  • Awareness about voting to women group/truck drivers 
  • Awareness of blood donation among college women 
  • Awareness of clean environment among slum children 
  • Door-to-door gathering and group discussion on government schemes to SHGs 
  • Awareness about Right to Information 
  • Consumer act awareness to dalit community 
  • Street performance on women exploitation/RTI 
  • Awareness on absenteeism to children, teachers and parents in villages using performance 
  • Awareness about HIV/AIDS to home guards 
  • Awareness on energy (diesel) conservation to drivers 
  • Awareness on domestic violence act and child marriage to village women 
  • Sanitation and water borne diseases awareness among slum daily wage workers 
  • Awareness about child reproduction health to women gardeners in BVB 
  • Group discussion about RTI with rural migrant workers on the train 
  • Awareness about open defecation to villagers 
  • Awareness about water saving among children 
  • Awareness on First Aid to the auto drivers in train stations
  • Motivate for self-employment of women 
  • Time management skills to post graduate students 
  • Instruct villagers on side effect of tobacco 
  • Book maintaining for women SHGs 
  • Training on job opportunities to women SHGs 
  • Training for trainers on HIV/AIDS 
  • Motivation for sexual harassment and mentally disabled people (job/life skills) 
  • Leadership/organizing skill training for SHG 
  • PA based training on interview skills to college students 
  • Entrepreneur development to street vendors (e.g. value-added product)
  • Teaching a girl English and computer 
  • Teaching school students with entertainment 
  • Teaching LEAD students blog operation 
  • Teaching school students yoga 
  • Teaching school children about importance of trees 
  • Teaching students about natural resource 
  • Teaching students math/arts 
  • Scientific knowledge about superstition and magic for students 
  • Teaching school children about folk culture 
  • Teaching traffic signals to children to avoid accident 
  • Knowledge about puberty to female teenagers
  • Watering plants and digging land for pouring water 
  • Fill open well 
  • Planting trees 
  • Clean streets 
  • Write names on bus stand
  •  Direct service delivery 
  • Distribute old cloth to poor people 
  • Forming SHG groups 
  • Promote eye donation to blind people 
  • Put stickers on head lights of wheelers 
  • Sample survey on hepatitis's-B in college 
  • Networking and interaction 
  • Networking and motivating with coaching centers 
  • Interact with street children about their attitude/hidden talents